Treasure Trekkers

Treasure Trekkers

Treasure Trekkers follows the adventures of Mip, Mac and Mo as they take up the Trekker tradition of seeking and securing the world's greatest treasures.

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Season 1 52 x 7 Minute Episodes

Episode: 1

The Magic Fan

Location: China
Life lesson: COURAGE

A flood is threatening a Chinese temple, home of an ancient Hand Fan, which the God of Wind has sealed away. The Trekkers are sent to retrieve the Fan before the temple floods, but Mip’s secret fear of water gets in the way of the Mission. Mip learns that sharing fears with others makes them better. His Trekker friends’ empathy and understanding help Mip face his fear and they all have a successful Mission.

Episode: 2

The Golden Harp of Doolin

Location: Ireland
Life lesson: FAMILY

The Trekkers go to Ireland, where Mo has tons of family to find a mythical Golden Harp, whose music is said to bring harmony to even the bitterest of rivals. There they meet a tricky Leprechaun and a rogue sheep, who both have their own plans for the Harp. During the Mission, Mac, who feels left out, because she was adopted, and feels she has no family of her own, learns that the Trekker family IS her family, and their love and support is all she needs. 

Episode: 3

Throw Mo a Bone

Location: Inside the Mouse Museum
Life lesson: TEAM

An exciting visit to the Mouse Museum of Natural History turns into a mission when the Trekkers discover that the mouseterious disappearance of bones and artefacts has led to the closing of the Museum. As the Trekkers search for clues, Mo accidentally breaks a bone of a valuable skeleton on display. When Mac mistakenly thinks she broke the bone, Mo faces the choice of letting Mac take the blame or admit his mistake. Mo confesses and the night watchman is so impressed by Mo’s honesty that HE confesses to his sleep walking which leads to the discovery of the missing items and the reopening of the museum.

Episode: 4

The Vampire Castle

Location: Romania
Life lesson: BE YOURSELF

The Trekkers are sent to a spooky castle to find a missing Ruby Brooch that
could indicate the return of Nosferatu –an ancient Vampire! Insecure Mip is trying to justify being the only monkey in a long line of Mouse Trekkers, but learns that his uniqueness is what makes him so valuable to the Trekkers, and they all end up teaching the same lesson to a little fruit bat who longs to be a Vampire.

Episode: 5

The Mouseai Mask

Location: Grasslands of the Mousai Mara Reserves, Kenya, Africa
Life lesson: ACCEPTANCE

The Trekkers travel to Africa to find a stolen Tribal Mask –central to a rain dance for a local tribe who is suffering a drought. There, they encounter the Chief’s daughter, determined to find the Mouseai Mask as well, and prove to her father that she is worthy, like her brothers, to participate in the men-only rain dance. When she and Mac bond, Mac comes to accept her tallness, which she was feeling insecure about herself and the girls both use their girl power resources to capture the thief and save the mask. The Chief recognises them for who they are and invites both girls to take part in the Rain Dance.

Episode: 6

The Tooth Fairy

Location: Fantasy Tooth Fairy Land
Life lesson: LOSS

When the Tooth Fairy disappears, the Trekkers go hunt for her in Tooth Fairy Land. Kids all over the world won’t get their treats! But they discover she is just sad, because, as an artist, a beautiful sculpture – her masterpiece! – has gone missing. The Trekkers retrieve the stolen sculpture but break it in the process, when Mip decides to give the Tooth Fairy his beloved own tooth which has just come out, the Fairy is inspired to start again –and make a whole new sculpture. Sometimes a loss can be a whole new beginning.

Episode: 7

Monster Hunters

Location: Scotland
Life lesson: APPEARANCES

A rare sighting of Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster, has put her in danger from a Monster Hunter’s hi-tech boat. The Trekkers race to Scotland and have an underwater adventure in a special Trekker Submarine to try and find Nessy and protect her. Mip’s fears of Monsters however taints his view of Nessy, until they discover she has a baby, and is actually just a kind animal, frightened of being captured. Mip bonds with the Baby Monster, and revises his view of what makes something a Monster. He ends up taking a heroic stand to protect Nessy and her baby from Monster Hunters once and for all.

Episode: 8

The Silver Star

Location: Mid West, USA

Mip accidentally convinces Mo that he is unlucky, so when the Trekkers journey to a Wild West ghost town to find a Lucky Charm gone missing, Mo is determined to find a Lucky Charm of his own. A runaway pony, a tornado and a tumult of tumbleweed later, Mo learns that you make your own luck, when a good deed he performed earlier comes back to save the day.

Episode: 9

Sand Clocks

Location: The Sahara Desert, Africa
Life lesson: RELAXATION

When the Trekkers, Ms. B, and Professor Katmandu all start nodding off to
sleep continuously, the Trekkers must travel to a great Sand Desert to try and find Mousephus, whose Sand Clock has apparently run amok! The Trekkers must continually fight off their own sleepiness during the Mission, except for Mo, who refuses to believe that he is affected. He keeps repeating he doesn’t need sleep! But when Mo finally falls asleep, a strange dream explains how lack of sleep makes it hard to play and enjoy life, and he wakes up to a new understanding of the value of sleep.

Episode: 10

A Coral Reef Crisis

Location: on the sea floor off the coast of Indonesia
Life lesson: TRUST

The Trekkers are sworn to secrecy about their mission to clean plastic from the ocean and protect a rare, endangered Flower Fish whose location must be kept secret. Mip reveals the whereabouts of the beautiful Flower Fish to a seemingly friendly shark who threatens to eat her. Realising his mistake and Mo and Mac’s disappointment, Mip ingeniously rescues the Flower Fish and learns the meaning of keeping a confidence.

Episode: 11

Playing it Cool

Location: Antartica

Professor Katmandu selects Mip to take care of his prized plant while he is away on a trip. Mip doesn’t take this duty seriously and the other two Trekkers, as always, step in when Mip shirks his responsibilities A mission calls for them to locate a lost flag of the first expedition to the Arctic. They discover through a game of capture the flag with penguins that Mip, in a series of mishaps, becomes a responsible member of the trio and saves the day and the mission.

Episode: 12

Sun Eater

Location: Amazonian Rainforest near the mythical Lost City of the Sun
Life lesson: DELEGATE

Professor Katmandu’s dotty old British explorer friend, Dr. Rodenthal, has disappeared in the depths of the jungle, as he investigates the existence of an ancient Incan device called the Sun Eater – a device so powerful that it can actually harness the sun and use it for evil purposes. When the Trekkers are sent to investigate what happened to him, Mo’s impulsive actions and gung-ho nature cause the Mission to be put at risk. It is only when Mo’s impulsivity puts both him and Dr. Rodenthal in danger that Mo realises there’s a time to ACT and a time to THINK, and it’s important to know the difference.

Episode: 13

The Mouse Lighthouse

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

When the fabulous Lens of Hope goes missing from a Mouse Lighthouse, ships bearing a year’s supply of cheese for mice everywhere are put in danger. Without the Light to guide them, they will crash on the rocks. So the Trekkers must navigate a ghostly dark ships’ graveyard to find the Lens and restore it to the Lighthouse Keeper in time to save the ships. But Mo’s fear of the dark, and his efforts to fight it, threatens the Mission. It is only when Mo understands that his friendship with the Trekkers offers a light in the darkness for him always, that he conquers his fear and bravely returns, just in time, the Lens to the Lighthouse.

Episode: 14

The Way of the Cracker

Location: misty iconic mountain in Japan

The Trekkers journey to Japan to protect an ancient Cheese Grater, central to a Japanese ritual conducted by the Emperor each Equinox to bring good luck to all his people. Mac, who loves order and ritual, gets caught up in her own love of rules when planning their strategy, and all her best-laid plans fail. It is only when she learns to go with the flow.

Episode: 15

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

Location: Holland
Life lesson: INTENTION

Mip is upset when he realises he’s forgotten Mac’s birthday and hides the fact that he has no present for her by making up stories. Mo tries to reassure him that it’s the thought that counts but Mip cannot be consoled. On their mission to Holland to save the country from a tulip blight, Mip continues to fret and cover up his fibbing and almost derails the mission over his forgetting Mac’s birthday. Mip ultimately confesses and realises that Mac doesn’t care about presents but his friendship that is her present.

Episode: 16

Trekker Tide

Location: Clipper Cove, Treasure Island, California
Life lesson: FAILURE

The Trekkers discover that long-ago Professor Katmandu failed in a mission and thinking he has kept it a secret, vow to find it for him. A dangerous adventure through an underwater cave, protected by a family of guardian crabs, culminates with discovery of the golden conch, only to further discover that the treasure they also find has to be left in place just as Professor Katmandu had done years ago. What they take away is that a seeming failure is in fact a success.

Episode: 17

The Bookworm

Location: Inside the Mouseum
Life lesson: The Bookworm

Mac gets an alert on her Library Hotline that a Bookworm has invaded the
Mouseum Library, which holds the precious Book of Lost Treasures. They rush to try and find the Bookworm. Mac, who is an avid reader, is determined that the Bookworm will destroy every book in the Library. The chase is on, until the Bookworm is cornered in a glass Reading Room, which holds the Book of Lost Treasures. Then they learn what empathetic Mo has suspected all along –the Bookworm only wants to READ books. He’s been judged solely on his scary appearance. Mac learns that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover.

Episode: 18

Fantastic Robot Journey

Location: Inside the Mouseum
Life lesson: EMPATHY

Mac, Mip and Mo are summoned to the mission room where Professor Katmandu gives them what they think is an insignificant mission to transport a heart-shaped amulet, the Heart of Wisdom to be cleaned for the Mouseum. Mip leaves his hoverboard in the doorway and Mac trips, loosing the amulet into an opening in Ms. B’s neck which jams the robot. The adventure unexpectedly begins when Professor Katmandu shrinks the Trekkers to retrieve the amulet and they enter the inner workings of Ms. B robotics, explore her stored memories but fail to retrieve the Heart of Wisdom. The Professor manages to reboot Ms. B discovering what knowledge of friendship she has acquired.

Episode: 19

The Mip Who Would Be King

Location: Rodentia Jungle, South America
Life lesson: TEAM

The Professor and Ms. B dispatch the Trekkers into the densest jungle of Rodentia to find a lost temple rumoured to house the fable treasure, The Golden Idol of the Monkey King. Mip is thrilled – this quest is right up his alley.” I mean, duh. Who better to find a monkey statue than a monkey? But it is authority and rules that make this an episode about situational ethics and conduct.

Episode: 20

Tomb with a View

Location: near the pyramids of Egypt

The mission is to find lost treasures of the fabled Ratssunkamin in a pyramid in Egypt before a sandstorm buries the artefacts. The Trekkers use their skills to decipher the map of founding Trekker Maurice but in discovering the king’s tomb, the Trekkers uncover the treasure of respecting others space and possessions.

Episode: 21

The Fork of Ratlantis

Location: Ratlantis, undisclosed undersea kingdom

When the Trekkers are summoned to the mission room to learn they are to assist a real princess, Ondatra, daughter of Niptune, king of the sea, Mo is star struck. They learn first of the king’s missing trident and then of the fact that the princess has lied to her father for misplacing his trident. An underwater adventure that finds both the trident and the treasure of telling the truth.

Episode: 22

The Treasures Under Your Nose

Location: in the hills outside the Mouseum (their own backyard)

Without a mission the Trekkers are bored playing cards and games to while away the time. Professor Katmandu has a plan to create an adventure right in their own back yard. The adventure turns out to be a discovery about an everyday treasure of friendship without visiting an exotic land.

Episode: 23

Tail of Treasure

Location: Inside the Mouseum
Life lesson: EMPATHY

The Mouseum is visited by a former celebrity Trekker, a friend of Professor Kat, whose portrait hangs in the hall of distinguished former members. Baroness Felina brings with her the pet turtle Tommy, adorned by a giant ruble brooch whom she refers to as her treasure. Mip volunteers to take care of the “treasure” and away they go through the portal on a slapstick game of catch me if you can around the world. When Mip returns with the turtle and brooch he discovers that it is Felina’s pet and friend, not the brooch, which is her most precious treasure.

Episode: 24

The Big Game

Location: Indonesia
Life lesson: PRIORITIES

Mo is obsessed with a new multiplayer video game just as the Trekkers receive a mission call for help on the remote island of Krackatalon. The trio find the situation grave, the volcano is about to erupt and all because Mo and the guardian engineer of the volcano magma control room are so distracted by playing each other in the video game. The trio save the day and Mo learns the lesson of obsessiveness.

Episode: 25

Pen Pal Panic

Location: India
Life lesson: FEARS

Mo is driving his bike around the Mouseum with training wheels when Mac offers to take them off. Mo is embarrassed to admit that he is afraid to ride without them. An email from his friend Bodhi interrupts the training wheel discussion and it is a call to a mission to help is friend Bodhi in India. A royal gem is missing which is part of a coming of age ceremony for Bodhi. Both friends help each other conquer their apprehensions of growing up each in his own way.

Episode: 26

Message in a Bottle

Location: the Caribbean

The Trekker’s read about an ancient feud between two Pirate Clans and a lost bottle with a message inside. What could the message be? A treasure map? Off they go to the Caribbean only to find two arguing, retired pirates who don’t even know why they feud. What they discover is the bottle and a lost message that clears up the feud. The truth heals and shines a light on friendship.

Episode: 27

The Dream Team

Location: The basement of the Mouseum

The vroom-vroom of toy racing cars in the Mouseum leads the Trekkers on an adventure in their own home, through a secret basement entrance to a treasure trove of Trekker memorabilia and a map left by Maurice, the founding Trekker. The adventure and the episode is about deciphering the clues left by Maurice for future Trekkers leaving behind clues that ties teams together to find their own treasure.

Episode: 28

He Said, She Said, He Said

Location: Greece

In a mission gone wrong, the bickering trio faces Ms. B and Katmandu to explain what happened, but no one tells the same story. Katmandu has each to explain their version mission from their own perspective. After they finished their stories, Ms. B reveals that a drone followed them recording the adventure and as they review the actual events, they learn something about truth and one’s own viewpoint.

Episode: 29

Trekkin’ On The Dark Side

Location: The Moon

In an out of this world episode the Trekkers are sent into outer-space to retrieve a recording device housed in a space probe that crashed on the dark side of the moon. The difficulties and challenges of the mission issues show the Trekkers how each respond to the demands of their experience and how they treat other people’s feelings. Comedy and jokes go a long way in making it a successful mission demonstrated by the processor of artificial intelligence of the probe, Wayfarer.

Episode: 30


Location: Mountain Village, in the Swiss Alps

Mo’s favourite holiday, Rodentide, a celebration of musical sharing and inclusion is threatened when the precious bell that heralds in the holiday, The Tintinnabulum of Rodentide, is discovered missing. To save the bell and the holiday the Trekkers must empathise and understand the point of view of the Marmoyeti, the cute monster, who made off with the bell to his cave. The Trekkers show the townspeople how to include him in their festivities and capture the spirit of the holiday.

Episode: 31

Moody Masks

Location: A Greek Island

Mac and Mip debate each other’s approach to everything, seriousness vs having fun. A mission comes in from an island off of Greece, a call for help from a theatre director, where the ancient masks of Comedy and Tragedy have also gotten into an argument and the emotional balance of all life is frozen when the two masks split up. This is a fast- paced sitcom with a background of ancient Greek theatre as the masks split apart and then come back together in harmony.

Episode: 32

The Grateful Ratsby

Location: Long Island, USA

An urgent call for help sends the trio on an adventure to find the missing never-ending cuckoo clock. Junior, a small boy living in a very large and lonely mansion filled with toys places the call for help and only the Trekkers discover quickly both the missing cuckoo clock and Junior’s loneliness. The mission is a success when they recognize that the valued treasure of this mission is friendship.

Episode: 33

The Diamond of the Skinka

Location: Maccha Richu, South America

Mo, reading the Book of Lost Treasures in the Mouseum, finds a page about the legend of “The Diamond of the Skinka,” a treasure lost in time. Fascinated, the book claims that this most priceless treasure of the lost Skinkan culture, which has not been seen for a thousand years, is, in fact, “hiding in plain sight, somewhere high in the mountains of South America, near the ruins of the ancient city of Macchu Ricchu, simply waiting for someone to come along and rediscover it. The trio meet a wise archaeologist who helps them find the treasure and a surprise ending to the adventure.

Episode: 34

Catacombs of Mousecow

Location: Mousecow, Russia

Mac, Mo and Mip head off on a mission through the mysterious brick Catacombs of Mousecow to search for the long-lost, jewel encrusted Ratergé Imperial Egg. The labyrinthian Ratacombs––a hidden old city underneath a city––were secretly built before the Great Revolution as a hiding place for the royal families of Mousecow. And the Imperial Egg was supposedly stolen from Tsar Nicholasmouse II by his mystical advisor, the black-bearded, mad monkey, Ratsputin. The Trekkers, learn that what you see or hear is not necessarily the truth as they restore a friendship and an egg to their rightful owner.

Episode: 35

Triangle Trek

Location: The Giant Mountains in the Check Republic

While cataloguing old artefacts the Trekkers receive an activation code from an old Wristex which belonged to Professor Katmandu as a young Trekker. The story of his old, lost partner, the Colonel, and his treasure fever sends the trio on an adventure to find Kat’s lost friend. They find an old, wise Trekker who has dedicated his life to an isolated village. A 100-year earthquake destroys the village but the spirits are intact to rebuild.

Episode: 36

Fancy Pants

Location: A Fantasy Cloud Kingdom
Life lesson: CONFIDENCE

In a parkour lesson from Mac on the climbing wall in the Mouseum, Mo appears to be clumsy, though, one wonders how he would do with more confidence. Katmandu offers Mo a relic: Fancy Pants. It is believed the pants give the wearer cat-like moves. Mo loves this. Next mission he wears the pants into the forest of the Cloud Kingdom displaying poise and amazing athletic control. The funny looking pants with magical help, however, was nothing more than a placebo effect as his confidence was inside all along.

Episode: 37

The Big Sweet

Location: Baltimore, USA

In a flashback episode a la Casablanca, we watch the story of how professor Katmandu became a Trekker. The Sweet Tooth is an ampule containing the ancient honey from the Manuka tree. An Aboriginal treasure, it’s reputed to give whomever possess it a sweet life forever. And right now, the one who wants to possess it enough to steal The Sweet Tooth is none other than Katmandu, aka Skinny, and his partner, Chuck, street guys with no moral compass. Maurice convinces Katmandu that there is a better path to life.

Episode: 38

The Hero

Location: Inside Mouseum and English Coastline
Life lesson: TEAMWORK

It’s a big day at the Mouseum as soccer legend Lionel Moussi is donating his ball to the Hall of Fame. Not just any ball, it’s the one he used to score the goal that gave Mousechester United their first championship. Mac is especially excited as Moussi is her hero, and she’s more than a little tongue-tied around him, As Professor Katmandu puts the ball in the Hall of Fame a blackout occurs and the ball is stolen. The Trekkers mission is to find the ball and in the end what they and Moussi find is, like the game of football, it is teamwork that wins the day.

Episode: 39

Tremendous Trio

Location: Inside a mansion, Belgium and in the Arctic

The Trekkers aren’t sure what to get Professor Katmandu for his upcoming birthday. While looking around his office for ideas, they discover a collection of comic books that Katmandu has kept since he was a kid. His favourite comic book series seems to be The Tremendous Trio, of which he has every issue except for the first. That’s it! The Trekkers will give him a copy of the first issue. Even Ms. B thinks it’s a great idea. Finding the artist and accepting his challenges in exchange for the special comic book becomes the adventure.

Episode: 40

Night At The Mouseum

Location: Inside the Mouseum

While the Kats away the mice will play. Katmandu leaves the Mouseum briefly on a cookie run. Mo and Mip are horsing around and stumble into activating a protocol testing friendship program at the Mousuem. Ms. B is turned into an adversary to test the Trekkers resolve which forces the trio to understand and care both about their friends as well as their enemies.

Episode: 41

The Golden Acorn

Location: In a Forest, Northern California

The Trekkers get an assignment and in the mission room and run off before Katmandu can finish his explanation of finding the magic Golden Acorn. They mistakenly think they are looking for a “golden” object in shape of an acorn They wander into a forest devastated by fire and search for clues. They chase a squirrel who has an acorn but it turns out to be a regular acorn and scarce food for her family. They give their supplies away to hungry forest animals, rescue a family in a burning shed and finally arrive at a camp ground of shelter tents flying a flag of a golden acorn.

Episode: 42

The Red Thread

Location: Antarctica
Life lesson: FAMILY

A food fight and debate about family style eating introduces the episode’s adventure of rescue in Antarctica and a touching story of family values. A baby penguin is lost and the father asks The Treasure Trekkers for help. Katmandu loans a Mouseum treasure, the legendary Red Thread, a spool of yarn that seeks and connects family members, to solve the dilemma. Through an avalanche and earthquake, the Trekkers tech equipment saves them and the baby penguin is reunited with her father. The Trekkers then realise that they too are a family, not by blood but by choice.

Episode: 43

Mac in Blunderland

Location: Fantasy World (think Wonderland)

Mac gets mad at Mip for making a mistake that messes up a mission. Mad, she wanders off and encounters an odd but intriguing white lizard. She follows the lizard into a large hole — a long, weird, winding hole — that leads Mac to the strange realm of Blunderland. In Blunderland, mistakes are easy to make and bring strong rebuke. Suddenly, Mac can’t seem to get anything right. The consequences are (hilariously) disastrous. When Mac eventually returns to the “real” world, she’s left to wonder if all that really happened. But real or imagined, her wacky mistake-ridden journey has brought Mac to a place of greater empathy for Mip. (And, as it turns out, Mip’s mistake led to a discovery that actually gets the mission accomplished.

Episode: 44

The Treasure of Mousa Verde

Location: Colorado, USA

The Trekkers travel to Mousa Verde, Colorado, to find legendary treasure buried in an abandoned city of cliff dwellings. They were built into the rocky mountainsides by the Mousazi Native Americans many centuries ago. The Trekkers are surprised to discover that they’ve been followed by a competitor: notorious archaeologist & art thief Quentin Quill. Only by cooperating, and sharing their tools and remaining resources, including greedy old Quills supplies (which he reluctantly shares), do the four manage to escape their dry tomb. The Trekkers return to the Mouseum without the treasure they sought but the real treasure in this adventure turned out to be natural resources, water.

Episode: 45

Mac My Day

Location: Egypt

Katmandu explains that in the Great Pyramid of Cheesa the Trekkers will find the Lamp of Wishes, one of the most fascinating and powerful of treasures in the world, one that can grant the holder any wish! They need to bring it to the Mouseum to protect it from temple thieves — if bad guys got hold of it, they could literally rule the world. After discovering and saving the Lamp of Wishes they realise that everyone has their own unique style and value, each as valuable as any other and together anything is possible.

Episode: 46

The Aegis of Mousezuma

Location: The Mexican Jungle

Eavesdropping at the wrong time, Mo mistakenly thinks that Mac and Mip were talking about him when in fact they were discussing a character in a book. This misinformation drives the adventure of locating the long, lost armour of Mousezuma which is purported to have the power of wisdom and strength of the ancient King. When Mo finds the legendary breastplate, the power allows him to overcome his anger and reveal his true hurt feelings to his buddies.

Episode: 47

Ms B’s Movie Night

Location: Inside the Mouseum

Using Ms.B.’s internal video hard drive, the episode is a review of the Trekker’s adventures to celebrate Ms.B’s birthday or creation. Each Trekker chooses an episode vignette to highlight their most important mission. Each chooses the ones that reflect their accomplishments and bickering ensues. When Ms. B chooses her favourite missions, it shows that she is actually an AI robot, capable of learning, her choices demonstrate an awareness of commonality in all the missions and that she has learned to program herself with valuing kindness.

Episode: 48

Remember the Trekkers

Location: Inside the Mouseum

In an accidental mishap while doing Mouseum inventory, the Trio makes cups of tea from a bottle of Lethe Bottle of Forgetfulness Water and breath in the vapours from the brew. Instantly they don’t remember anything and the adventure is for Katmandu and Ms.B to nurse them back to health and memory by giving them examples of personality characteristics for each of them from the historical mission . Examples of historical missions around the world and their interactions as a team on assignment restores their memories.

Episode: 49

A Wrong Turn

Location: Southern Amazonian Jungle

This adventure is complicated by a comic book story loved by Mo and Katmandu. A gold miner’s relic is in danger and the trio is sent on a mission to save it. Mo is convinced the mission is based on the plot of the comic book and he follows the comic instead of logic. When he endangers his friends, he recognises he is wrong and apologises. He wanted to believe that he was right so much that it blurred his vision. Katmandu explains at the end of the mission that friends are friends when they stand by you even when they recognise your mistakes.

Episode: 50

Finding Shmoopy

Location: Fantasy English Estate

A call for help to the Treasure Trekkers lands the trio at a baronial estate to find what they hope is a fabulous treasure to hunt. Unfortunately, they discover that the missing stuffed animal, Shmoopy is the treasure of T.William Frothington lll. Better known as Billy, their client for missing treasure is a very tiny penguin. The adventure to locate the Shmoopy teaches the trio about humility and the essence of empathy.

Episode: 51

The Treasure of the Trekkers

Location: Inside the Mouseum

The Trekkers enter Kat’s study to find him examining the contents of the Mouseum’s cracked cornerstone. They find a time capsule and decide to create their own time capsule. Ms.B records a video of each Trekker talking about their special artifact of history. The process of selecting makes them think about how they value their experiences and objects.

Episode: 52

The Miking Way

Location: Iceland/Miceland, Nordic Region

Training day for the Trekkers. Mo confides in Ms B that he is not as agile and resourceful as Mac and Mip, that he sometimes has doubts that he fits in and wishes he were someone else. Ms B unfortunately doesn’t have the emotional programming to counsel Mo when a mission comes in about a Miking longboat frozen in the ice that’s been discovered. Mo is distracted with the mission and is excited about the adventure in Miceland. Mo ends up sailing with Erik the Red, King of the Mikings and learning some secrets of these people. Mo’s exciting time with Erik restores his confidence in who he is.

Season 2 39 x 7 Minute Episodes

Directors Cuts 24 x 4 minute